Week 25 (Spring 10)

In Class

Note Reading

Theory Book pg. 34

  • We completed the note recognition activity.

Theory Book pg. 33

  • We practiced recognizing musical patterns and writing them on the staff. Pattern recognition is important for developing musical fluency. It is equivalent to reading whole words instead of sounding them out letter by letter.



At Home

Lesson Book pg. 49 – Russian Folk Song

  • Please read the Discovery triangle suggestions and follow them. Can you think of another way to play the song?

We learned some tips for  playing repeated notes.

  • Use your wrist to help play them.
  • Which notes are the most important? (Usually beats 1 & 3)
  • Emphasize the more important notes.

Extra Piece 

Pterodactyls, Really Neat from the Gold Star Performance BookGold Star Performance Book


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